We got up and got cleaned up fairly early on Thanksgiving morning and drove up to Marin to have Thanksgiving dinner with Timprov's aunt and uncle.

Here we are at Stan and Judy's in Mill Valley.

And here, before we left for the post-Thanksgiving hike. Stan and Judy's front garden always looks nice.

Then we went down and got Dan from the airport. We hauled him home, and we all went to bed early. The next day, we went up Diablo with him.

Mark insists that you can see that it's him and Dan here. And you can tell. It's just...not as easy as perhaps it might be. Perhaps not as detailed.

On the other hand, in this one, they can't see that it's you. But they're atop Mount Diablo in both, I assure you.

From Mount Diablo in the fall.

Me, Dan, large stone outcropping.

Later that weekend....