Stan was way ahead, Mark just a bit ahead. There was a little stream you had to cross on the beach, and Stan discovered that one of the apparent rocks was not a rock at all, but simply a pile of sand. Splash. Oops.

The beach was enclosed by a couple of cliffs. (And the secret to getting pictures of Timprov is to do them from a distance, I think.)

Judy followed Timprov over to the layered cliff rocks.

Mark took the camera at this point, to demonstrate that I, too, was actually there.

Timprov dumped the sand out of his shoes while I waited, wild-haired by then. The disadvantages of hippie hair: I should have braided it. Stan walked up to join Judy on the bench on the hill.

I just loved the way Judy's feet dangled. We joined her up there. Stan got a picture of the rest of us, and maybe he'll share it if we ask nicely.

And we looked down on the beach. Ahhhh. A nice break from our daily lives.