This is some of who and what I saw in Boston for NorEascon4, World Science Fiction Convention 2004. Usually I took pictures at meals. Occasionally at readings or some other times. I had to be pretty comfortable to take pictures of people: I'm not going to pop up and ask Lois Random Hugo Winner to smile for a picture with me. I'm still too con shy for that.

It was a good con, but this is not my con report. This is just the pictures. The con report is here.

This is the view from the Copley Place Marriott.

And another.

Between the Copley Place Marriott and the Museum of Fine Art(s?) is a heck of a lot of Christian Scientist stuff. I don't know if this church is that or something else, but there were several very large buildings that were clearly Christian Science stuffs. We didn't go in, so we missed the giant glass globe, which sounds like it was worth seeing.

The Museum of Fine Arts is apparently also a KOA campground. What a relief.

There was an outing to Fenway Park Wednesday night. Lots of science fiction people, many of us Minnesotan. It was good fun, even with Neil Diamond.

Famous baseball thing: the wall at Fenway. Green Monster. We saw it at work. It's a quirky ballpark. Some non-baseball people don't know that there isn't a fixed set of dimensions for a baseball park. The diamond itself has fixed dimensions, but the rest of it is up to the individual ballpark and, I suppose, MLB.

Marymary and Peg and Peg's BYM Andrew came to have brunch. They were very much themselves. Which was a good thing.

I got to see Raechel (Roach), Matt, and of course Charlotte. At her very first WorldCon!

We took plenty of pictures so that Miss Charlotte can manipulate her parents later. "Look at the freaks you let hold me! When I was just a tiny baby! What do you mean I can't go to that party -- look where you take me!"

Timprov, Stella, and Leah...

...who were listening to Jamie and Celia and amused thereby.

More WorldCon pictures!