Previously, we saw Mark with his moose boxers. Well. This is due to a tradition he and Mom have, where they shop for Christmas Items for him and Dad on Christmas Eve Day while Dad and I are off doing our thing. Our thing involves shopping for Mark and Mom. I pointed out that Mom and Mark were shopping for Mark and Dad, and Dad and I were shopping for Mark and Mom, and who was spoiled here? Was it the only child? I think not.

So Mom and Mark bought me Christmas socks last year, and this year Mark and Daddy were due to get Christmas boxers. M'rissas don't wear boxers. So I got a nightgown instead. Timprov took one look at it and said, "Now I understand why you say you looked about like you do now when you were 12."

Yeah, all right, so I look approximately twelve in my snowman nightgown. But it's Christmasy. And! And I have a lefse turner. No more to use the handle of the spatula, hurrah! It's even rosemaled, as you can see.

Grandpa always gets licorice in the toe of his stocking.

Ahh, the beauties of digital cameras: when Mom and Dad look good in different pictures, you just crop them for a matched set!

As usual, Grandma's stocking stuff was mostly not opened, because she was paying attention to everyone else's.

Grandma, by the way, always gets pickled pig's feet in the toe of her stocking. There are very few foods to which I prefer licorice, but I have to say pickled pig's feet make the list. Shudder. But she and Onie love them, and it's not my stocking. My stocking has Fazers in it.

Another time-honored family tradition is that we don't play whatever game my Aunt Kathy gets for Christmas. She always brings it over. We never play it. It's just a rule. We always just hang out and talk and tell stories instead. Every year.

This year the game we didn't play was Attack Uno, and here is my dad not playing it.

Scott, Kev, Mike, and Tom all came over to see me that night, but I was out of picture mode by then and have no evidence of it, so you'll just have to believe me. And the next day, Mark and I flew to see his family in Milwaukee.