On the Sixty-Leventh Day of Christmas

5 March 2006

So I finally got the pictures from the Gritter family Christmas and New Year's Eve ready. Two months late, I know, I know, but I've had a few things on my mind and on my to-do list since then. The Gritter Christmas pictures are here, since there are more of them.

We were invited to a New Year's Eve party and were not exactly clear when the hosts wanted us. So when we got there, they were still cleaning.

Mr. Spud had to do all the work.

Also had to feed the poor starving Jersey pup, who otherwise would starve to death because nobody feeds her. Also nobody pets her, and nobody pays attention to her. At least that was what I understood of her behavior. She was very convincing.

Bri and Jersey. Well, maybe Jersey gets a little attention.

Bri and Spud.

I was handed a tiara. I was skeptical of the tiara.

Spud and Liz.

Once again, when more people showed up, we got caught up in talking to people and did not take pictures. We really have to work on this habit.

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