In Which Promised Pictures Finally Appear

30 August 2004

So finally I got to the pictures last night. I sized and cropped and sized and cropped, and there are pictures to be seen. Michelle and Scott's wedding pictures start here, and there's a link at the bottom of each page to more. Those of you who have digital photos of your own from M&S's wedding, please share. Mark's grandmother's birthday weekend pictures will go here very soon. And here's from this weekend:

David, with octopus.

Pamela, in the chair, and Lydy, on the floor crocheting.

Jennie and Steve with Stella. Stella introduced them to us Saturday night. They left their baby home, so you can actually see the grown-ups in the picture instead of having the eye automatically drawn to the cute squallie.

Note Stella's look of resignation. Roo with "nunny babbit." She had been trying to get a "nice" picture of Roo, but he was having none of it, suspecting that being pulled into Mommy's lap meant that soon he would have to go to sleep. Which was an intolerable proposition, of course.

Anyway. I'm getting closer to ready for Boston. I'm eyeing my red skirt and wondering whether the hotel will have an iron -- it'll have to, won't it? It's a Marriott. There's no way you can count on a skirt to stay ironed in the suitcase, so maybe I'll just pack it and iron it on the spot if I decide to wear it at all.

Right. Sorry. That's the kind of tangent my brain is taking today. Scribbling down cell phone numbers from e-mails. Printing itineraries and confirmation numbers. Scowling at the stacks of books trying to decide which should stay and which go with and how many. (I know, I know: they will sell books there. But there's the plane ride to contend with and so on.)

I didn't spend enough time reading 1610 to make a noticeable dent, so I've given up on finishing it today and am going to read periodicals instead (Scientific American and Midwest Living: for a miracle, I'm caught up on my spec fic periodicals) and take it to the airport mostly untouched.

I'm taking the camera, and I'm taking my notebook, and I will come back with a big ol' name-droppy con report. In the meantime, I have left the universal Novel Gazing for you to read when you're missing the updates. Enjoy. Have a good week. See you in September.

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