February 28: In Which February Is Instructed Not To Let The Door Hit It In The Butt On Its Way Out

February 27: In Which Optimism Gets a Thorough Workout

February 26: In Which Pieces of Tire Fly Off And Hit Our Heroine Right In The Metaphor

February 25: In Which Signs Might Be Omens (But Only Very Brief Ones)

February 24: In Which The Oakland Airport Is Revealed to Be The Ugliness Center of the Region

February 23: In Which Some Goals Are Set Forth

February 22: In Which A Corner Might Be Turned

February 21: In Which Our Heroine Has Nothing To Say, And Says It At Some Length

February 20: In Which Our Heroine Seems Unable To Pick a Topic and Stick To It

February 19: In Which Hungarian Food Is Discovered to Be As Nectar And Ambrosia

February 18: In Which Enthusiastic Pessimism Is Clarified

February 17: In Which Our Heroine Thinks Obvious Thoughts While His Birthdayness Sleeps

February 16: In Which an Anniversary Is Celebrated and a New Leaf Overturned

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