April 30: In Which E-mail Is Two-Edged

April 29: In Which Much Food Is Purchased, And Some Eaten

April 28: In Which Our Real Lives Take Us To Napa

April 27: In Which Our Heroine Makes Plans to Call the CIA

April 26: In Which Our Heroine's Heart Is Repeatedly Blessed

April 25: In Which Things Go Backwards A Bit

April 24: In Which Various Aspects of Civilization Are Given Too Much Consideration

April 23: In Which Our Heroine's World Coincides Surprisingly With Others'

April 22: In Which Our Heroine Is The Proverbial Tipi And Wigwam

April 21: In Which Our Heroine Has a Bad Brain Day

April 20: In Which We Celebrate Easter And Have Plans

April 19: In Which Our Heroine Is The Foreignness Police And Incurs The Wrath of the Clothing Gods

April 18: In Which--But Wait!--There's More

April 17: In Which We Observe

April 16: In Which List and Footnotes Matter More Than They Should

April 15: In Which Our Heroine Thinks of Neither Pink Elephants Nor Syria

April 14: In Which Dreams May or May Not Drive Stories

April 13: In Which We Stay Warm And Dry

April 12: In Which Our Heroine Is Nostalgic, And Also Mean and Horrible

April 11: In Which The Back Keeps It Brief

April 10: In Which There Are No Nukhlear Wessels

April 9: In Which The Fish In The Barrel Are Spared

April 8: In Which We Wish You A Merry Kari

April 7: In Which We Bounce From Lefse To Japan

April 6: In Which Several Eccentricities Find An Explanation

April 5: In Which a Roulette Game Is Begun

April 4: In Which Public And Interesting Don't Coincide Well

April 3: In Which Apples And Oranges Continue To Fall On Our Heroine's Toes

April 2: In Which Our Heroine Resembles A John Popper Song Once Again

April 1: In Which Our Heroine Rambles About Social Glue And Other Things

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