Because I am an idiot, I left the digital camera at home when we went to Omaha to see my side of the family for Christmas. So you're getting Christmas pictures in reverse chronological order, because I haven't gotten the disposable digital's CD back yet.

Also, I don't know why we didn't get pictures of Sarah or Linda (Mark's sister and mother). Oh, wait, yes I do: they kept having their eyes closed. I think there are pictures of them in the Como Park Conservatory stuff, though. I haven't gotten to that yet. In a bit.

Mark's brother Dan, before the festivities began.

Mark's brother Matt. Those presents are not all for him.

Mark's brother-in-law Jeff, who got more toys per capita than anyone present.

Matt hides behind his book. Everyone got something from Amazon.

Everyone also got something sparkly. Here is Mark opening his sparkly thing (a sparkly candle and holder).

Dan with his tablecloth. Sarah went shopping at a fair trade store near them and came back with all kinds of treasures for all of us. Well, all of us but Linda and Matt.

Dave got a recorder from there.

There was some discussion of how to play it optimally.

I got an onyx vase. Oooooh. Pretty. Also very chilly: it had been sitting out in Sarah and Jeff's car.

And this is why Matt didn't get something from the fair trade store: we went together and got him a digital camera, so he'll be able to take lots of pictures on his trip to Australia this month (January '05).

Jeff got warm head apparel, including a hat with Homer Simpson woven into it.

Mark and I got dipping sauces. We will share them. Especially if anybody is willing to make potstickers or gyoza to dip them in.

Jeff is still figuring out his 4x4 Rubik's cube.

The next day, we went to Minnehaha Falls.

The ice falls are much more extensive than the waterfall. We were impressed.

At the foot of the frozen falls, you can see big chunks of ice that have fallen off.

I had forgotten these statues were even there, but they were much more visible without leaves on the trees.

We then went to Como Park Conservatory.