We had a shower for Kari when we didn't know who Noah would be. And now we're glad we had it early, because Noah decided he wasn't waiting around. Mark and I drove down to Omaha; Mom and Grandma and I were co-hosts of the shower, although both of them did more work than I did by a long shot.

Decorating the table, for example. Mom arranged the flowers herself, and she and Grandma did the cakes. Much better than store bought.

Kari with her mom and Nana. The first four-generation picture they've had.

And here we have Jake's mom Trudy (that would be Noah's grandma on his other side), Aunt Jenny, Kathy, and Kathy's friend Cindy.

Aleesa, Deb, Kari, and Aunt Lucy. Deb was a college friend of Kari's. Aleesa, whose name I may have butchered in the spelling of it, has been Kari's friend long enough that even I don't try to pull rank on her in the "I've known Kari a long time" game.

Kathy, Kari, and Aleesa's mom Mary Jo, with some hand-knit gifts for Noah.

Grandma and Nana look awfully eager to see what's next.

Another handmade gift.

Mary won one of the shower games and is looking quite smug about it, especially since Grandma almost managed to beat her with dirty tricks.

After the shower, Mark and I got snowed in....