Mark and I had not anticipated that we might get snowed in down in Omaha. I've never seen this much snow at once at the folks' house. It just doesn't snow a foot at a time in Nebraska.

Except that, clearly, sometimes it does. Ah well. We worked from their house for awhile and made it back safely a day late.

Dad's poor Volvo had to be dug out, though, and shoveled in and out of Grandma and Grandpa's driveway. And the battery went dead and had to be jumped. Poor Volvo.

(We're still glad to have winter again, though.)

When we got home, our neighbors hadn't really dealt with their snow:

Ice dams are not supposed to go from the second story rafters to the ground. They just aren't.

This much snow is how things are supposed to be in Minnesota in the winter, though.

Even if it is a bit difficult to get dug out sometimes.

This is what the plows leave us in the middle of our circle. Wheeee!

Minnesotans know how to celebrate winter: we go to the Winter Carnival! (Yes, there are more of my pictures behind that link.)