We got some lunch and kept wandering around at Kew Gardens, eventually dropping Grandpa off to enjoy a bench.

The rest of us went on past the royal beasts: Mom and the dragon.

Dad and the unicorn.

Mark and the lion.

Grandma and the hawk.

Me and the griffin.

There were other royal beasts, but these statues were the best.

Me and Mom.

This one was all by itself at the end of a greenhouse, labeled "The Sun."

Dad, Mom, Mark, Grandma. And The Sun.

These floaty things on the pond were called walla wallas, though nobody had an explanation for that for me (until after I posted this page, and my mom and my friend Jenni both wrote to say they were named after Walla Walla onions. I don't know from onions.)

And this was called a Thames skiff. Okay then.

After we left Kew, my folks, Mark, and I dropped the grands off and went to the British Museum and St. Paul's.