On Wednesday, we had decided to take a bus tour out of the immediate London area. I had already done essentially this bus tour when I was in England in 1995 with my school group, and I liked it enough to want to go back and take the family.

Stonehenge, of course.

Mom was taking the picture.

My dad.

The grands. Grandpa said this was his favorite day of the trip, in part because the tour guide made reference to books he'd read about the area, about Salisbury and Stonehenge, so he had a lot of good background that tied in with what we were seeing. (I felt pretty smug about having given him those books, lo these many moons ago.)

Me and Mom.

Our tour guide arranged for us to order pub lunches to be ready essentially upon arrival so that we could get lunch finished and still have time to see Salisbury Cathedral before we needed to leave for Bath.

Mother and Dad and I examined the map.

House dial in Salisbury.

Salisbury Cathedral.

They're renovating parts of it.

The interior of the cathedral.

Dad and me in the courtyard at Salisbury, having had a quick peek at one of the Magna Carta copies.

And Grandma with Dad.

Mark by the plaque about the Protestant martyrs.

After that, the bus took us to Bath.