This last week has been quite eventful. Mark has only a few hoops to jump through on his doctorate, so people came out for graduation weekend to celebrate. There are lots of pictures. Lots. I will try to break them up into several pages, and then on the picture link I'll put what the pages are, so you can skip the ones you don't want to see. Clear as mud? Good.

Before anybody arrived to celebrate, we got an unexpected e-mail from Timprov's aunt Judy: her nephew, Timprov's cousin Lee, was in town with his family. Did we want to come see them? Of course we did. So we went to see Lee, Fondly, Sean, and Erik.

This is Lee and Erik.

And this is Timprov with his newest cousin. Awww. The better shot was just a minute before, when Erik was looking up at T with really, really wide eyes: how much of you is there? he seemed to ask, as he reared back and back. Timprov had a firm grip on the babybutt with his big ol' hands, so no worries.

So that was Monday. Thursday, my folks and grands arrived, and Friday we took the rental car (do not use Travelocity, do not use Travelocity!) to Sausalito.

My dad is a water chemist. He was like a little kid at the Bay Model. It was great.

The rest of us had a good time, too. This is me with Grandpa.

(I don't mean to be pointed about cropping people out, I just don't want to waste good photos because someone had his/her mouth open, eyes closed, etc.)

Then we drove up Highway 1 to Muir Woods. Grandma and Grandpa had never seen redwoods before.

They were not disappointed. But I think it'd be better if we went on to the next page.