In case you don't feel like digging through old journal entries to find pictures, I've made this handy-dandy page. Aren't you lucky.

Right now, we have:

A journal entry with pictures from Matt's graduation in Milwaukee in June 2001. I forgot these were here for a long time, because it was before I got my camera and its software; these were taken with Daniel's camera.

Birthday party pictures from the birthday party I had with Mary Anne and Susan. I was just learning to use my digital camera and the software related thereto, so it's not entirely as I would like things, but I haven't had the time or inclination to go back and redo all the pictures. Doubt that I will, frankly. July 28, 2001. Includes some pictures of San Francisco area friends, though not all friends are represented herein.

Pictures from the trip to DC for Lars' wedding to Kristina. The first weekend of August, 2001. Features most of "The Old Crowd" from college.

Pictures from the trip to Omaha over Labor Day weekend, 2001. Features family members and some pre-college friends.

A journal entry with pictures from a busy Sunday in September.

Another journal entry with pictures from a Friday night in September. Complete with Movement Apparel!

Pictures from the trip to Minnesota in early October, 2001.

Pictures from Thanksgiving weekend start here and end, well, at the end of the weekend. Just keep following the links. It'll work.

For Christmas of 2001, there are pictures from Omaha and pictures from Milwaukee. They're connected, so if you start with Omaha, you'll get to see the whole thing. Featuring various and sundry fond friends and family members.

Busy weekend in February: meeting people, Timprov's birthday, and San Francisco with the grands.

All of the pictures from Scott's visit -- mostly Alcatraz stuff.

I went to Minneapolis and Omaha in March, and these are the results. Many flowers and cute babies. Easter would usually have been a picture-taking holiday in my family, but I was feeling sick and didn't get around to it, and neither did anyone else. But there are pictures from before Easter itself.

Mark and I went up Mt. Diablo and hiked around in mid-April, and I did sort of open letter pieces with the photographs. You can find them here.

C.J. came out for a visit for a week in April of 2002. It was amazing. Pictures start here.

While Ceej was out, I got Godzilla boots, pictured. Then shortly thereafter I got my bridesmaid's dress for Sarah's wedding.

In early July, Mark and I went to Half Moon Bay, and then in late July, we went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Random pictures of people I celebrated my birthday with in one form or another. There will be more birthdayish pictures soon.

Mark's sister Sarah got married in August, and I was a bridesmaid. Mark was an usher. Pictures here and here.

I made my very first lefse! See?

And we went to Minnesota in October and November.

And Mark's brother came out to visit for Thanksgiving>.

My 2002 Christmas pictures start with Christmas Eve, and you can either follow the links through from there or see Christmas Day, my time in Milwaukee, or my time in Minneapolis. As you like.

If you care what our new living room chairs look like, look here.

We went out to celebrate the completion of the first draft of Dwarf's Blood Mead in mid-March. A week and a half later, Stan and Judy took us to Tennessee Valley.

In April, we went to Napa, and then Liz and Tor came out to visit.

We had a graduation celebration for Mark in June. My parents and grands came out here first (pictures here and here), and then Mark's folks and sister arrived, and we had a picnic, took pictures of him in his doctoral robes, and sent him off with his folks and sister to San Gregorio Beach and the cliff above it.

Then I went to Minnesota in June, and thence to Nebraska in July. It was good. Wanna go home.

I turned 25 on July 26, and the pictures involve some unusual clothes for me, Rosicrucian Park, the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, and the Berkeley Kite Festival. A week later, I went to Angel Island with Mark and Amber for a birthday celebration.

In August, Mark and I took a day trip to Carmel.

We're getting a house! Pictures of the outside, main floor, upstairs, and outtakes from the process are up and visible.

We made one last trip up to Marin to see Stan and Judy while we still live here, and we went with them to Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center.

And we moved home! There'll be more house pictures as we settle in, too. Oh, and C.J. and I dressed up for Halloween.

Christmas pictures from '03 start here.

You can look at Kari's shower pictures, or the snow we got in 2004. Or you can see how it was when we went to the Winter Carnival and saw the Ice Palace.

Roo likes to play Auntie Mrissa's piano.

Ed and Jen brought Elena to visit.

My cousin got married.

In June, Kev visited and Marte got married.

My golden birthday pictures, or rather the start of them, as I was not finished celebrating when I posted this.

Mark's grandma's 75th birthday party and surrounding events.

Michelle and Scott's wedding (there are several pages after that one).

Stella and Mike's birthdays.

WorldCon 2004 (Noreascon 4).

Emily and Aaron's wedding.

Gritter family Christmas '04 and subsequent trip to the Conservatory. Lingen family Christmas. Roo opens his Christmas present.

In April of 2005, I drove down to my alma mater for the first time in six years.

In May of 2005, my brother-in-law Matt graduated from college and some college friends came to visit me, and all that is here.

We went to see puppies. And added one to our family: Ista! Here's a picture of Ista at my folks' house and a whole bunch of Ista pictures.

Trip to London: Sunday (mostly Hyde Park). Monday's major landmarks: 1, 2, 3, 4. Tuesday at Bletchley Park and Herrod's; Thursday at the V&A and Natural History Museum, Friday at Kew Gardens and the British Museum.

Scott and Liz's wedding and a few more puppy pics.

Christmas pictures from Omaha and from Milwaukee. New Year's Eve, last pictures of 2005.

Our new niece at her baptism! Here and here.

Gritter Christmas 2006.

This page is updated fairly frequently, as you can see. My parents like to See What We're Doing, and I like messing with the camera.