The thing about not getting pictures posted right away is that they don't seem more urgent with time. They keep hanging around the to-do list, getting moved along from week to week. And the baby in them gets much bigger and learns so many things, and the pictures sit still and don't do much.

Still. In May, Mark and I went to see our wonderful new baby niece, Amber! And also her mom and dad, her grandparents, one of her other uncles, her great-grandparents...well, you get the picture.

Or several of them:

Sarah and Amber!

Me and Sarah and Amber!

More of me and Sarah and Amber!

A lot of the weekend looked like that, actually. I was pretty excited to have a niecelet. Other people were excited, too, but some of them had already met her.

Uncle Mark and Amber.

Now, I'm not the one pulling her hair, so why is she the one howling?

Sunday morning, Sarah and Jeff's pastor, Thea, baptized Amber and some other baby whose name I was sure I would always remember, but I don't. Oh well: if it becomes important, I'm sure they'll reintroduce me. (Sarah tells me it's Elem Jeffrey Rottman. Okay then. He was a cute baby, in any case.)

Thea with Jeff, Amber, and Sarah.

Jeff and his dad, Alton, with Amber.

Sarah, Amber, and Grandpa Lyzenga.

And again.

More Amber! Also some other people.