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Post Apocalyptic

After the apocalypse we stopped thinking

Clean water was something poor people just might not have

And spilling oil into the aquifers was part of the cost of doing business.

The cost of doing business came up a lot less,

After the apocalypse; instead we said balance,

We said nurture

And when we said growth, we meant plants, animals, each other.

After the apocalypse we stopped saying “thank God that’s over”

About every year, every month

Every day.

After the apocalypse, we learned to count again:

Your voice, your voice, your voice, one two three all

And not shut up shut up oh God shut up

And not three two one where did they go.

We stopped telling the kids not to ask about that.

After the apocalypse we remembered a lot of old songs

Wrote new ones

Thought we’d cry less but cried more for awhile

Made up a really good recipe for bean soup

That our brother-in-law doesn’t like and that’s okay.

It’s not–

It didn’t turn out to be–

The end of the world

After all.

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