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Miss Kopp Investigates, by Amy Stewart

Review copy provided by the publisher.

Oh lovely! I said to myself when I saw this title available. She’s written a sequel to Girl Waits With Gun. So…it turns out that this is the seventh in the series, not the second. Oops! Luckily for me this did not interfere with my enjoyment in the slightest, and I have all the middle volumes in the series waiting for me. (Whew.)

So. The Kopp sisters. They’ve been up to quite a lot since last I saw them, maybe less since last you saw them if you’ve been keeping up with the series better than I have. But still quite a lot. They’ve gone their separate ways in the First World War, which is now over, and their brother has died, and what on earth are they going to do to keep body and soul together and help their sister-in-law with the children in the changing postwar economic landscape? The answer varies quite a lot by personality, although none of them is quite pleased with the way that circumstance and family need have overturned her personal plans.

The center of this particular book is the youngest Kopp sister, Fleurette, whose plans for a life on the stage have been upended, and whose new experiences as a professional divorce co-respondent are showing her a side of domestic life that she did not anticipate and does not entirely like. And the things that Miss Kopp has to investigate are not the traditional murder mystery, but something entirely itself, historically based and interesting and well-characterized and frankly a lot of fun.

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