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Short stories I liked midyear 2021

The Red Mother, Elizabeth Bear (

The Station of the Twelfth, Chaz Brenchley (

Below Salt-Heavy Tides, Andi C. Buchanan (Mermaids Monthly)

Radioactivity, Octavia Cade (Uncanny)

For the World’s More Full of Weeping, Andrew Dykstal (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

The Revolution Will Not Be Served With Fries, Meg Elison (Lightspeed)

Cause and Manner, Jeannelle Ferreira (Deadlands).

Redwood Houses, Amelia Gorman (Climbing Lightly Through Forests)

Alexa, Play Solidarity Forever, Audrey R. Hollis (Fireside)

The Case of the Turned Tide, Savitri Horrigan (Grist: Imagine 2200)

City Lights As Myth, Yong-Yu Huang (Strange Horizons)

To Rest, and to Create, L.A. Knight (Fiyah Issue 19)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Portals at Frank’s Late-Night Starlite Drive-In, Kristen Koopman (It Gets Even Better: Stories of Queer Possibility)

Letters from the Ides, Jennifer Mace (Reckoning).

Ossify, Jennifer Mace (Climbing Lightly Through Forests)

My Custom Monster, Jo Miles (Fireside)

The Shape of Wings and Feathers, Jenny Rae Rappaport (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Meditations on Sun-Ra’s Bassism, Yah Yah Scholfield (Fiyah Issue 19)

As I Wait for the Killing Blow, M. Shaw (Fireside)

How to Find Yourself in a Fairy Tale, A.C. Wise (Daily SF)

Guidelines for Appeasing Kim of the Hundred Hands, John Wiswell (Fireside)

The Tyrant Lizard (And Her Plus One), John Wiswell (Drabblecast)

1 thought on “Short stories I liked midyear 2021

  1. First one read is the Bear. 5 stars! I’m surprised I’m so slow to notice it: published back in Jun. Novelette, I think. Only flaw is the crappy cover-art Tor gavr it, by an artist who has NO IDEA what a basaltic volcano looks like. SPOILER ALERT: not like the Alps!

    Hope there are more as good (or even, half as good) as the Bear. Glad her surgery went well. She’s in her Writing Prime!
    OK, you’re not doing badly your self….
    Thanks again for the reco & link!
    Cheers — Pete Tillman
    PS: What the Dragon’s Lair really would have looked like:

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