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Because I Could Not Text With Death

Please text us “STOP” if you no longer wish
To receive this apocalypse
(Your subscription will continue, but
Your feedback is important to us.)
Text 1 if you object to its spread
In wild animals (cf white-tailed deer).
Text 2 if your animal objection
Is domestic (house cats et al).
Text 3 if you have individual human concerns
You would like to express such as:
Aunt dying alone and terrified
Old friend struggles to walk or control heartbeat etc.
Four is the number to press for
More general thrashing existential rage.
444444444 is not a valid message.
Please try your sorrow again.

2 thoughts on “Because I Could Not Text With Death

  1. This is really wonderful and poignant. I like how despite the form of the poem being quite funny yet still doesn’t hamper the grieving tone.

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