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Molly on the Moon, by Mary Robinette Kowal

Review copy provided by the publisher. Also I have known Mary for Quite Some Time at conventions and Around This Here Internet. Also, since this is a picture book, illustrations by Diana Mayo.

Molly’s family moves to the moon, and she doesn’t have any toys. Well…except for one. And then another thing, and another, which she can make for herself from scraps and imagination. But her brother Luke is too little to do that for himself–too little to do anything but grab Molly’s hard-won toys and shout “bababa!”–which any big sister can tell you is infuriating.

But there are rules for how you’re allowed to treat your baby brother, even on the moon. Maybe especially on the moon. And the same ingenuity that can make toys out of bits and bobs might…maybe?…be able to make a playmate out of a pesky little brother.

The illustrations contrast the cool blue of the lunar module home with the warm brown skin of Molly and her family, their faces expressive and deftly sketched. Especially good for space-focused kids who may want to think about what it would be like to “REALLY REALLY” live on the moon.

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