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Stories I’ve Enjoyed This Quarter

As usual, I’m not caught up on everything, so please feel free to link to stories you’ve enjoyed in the comments!

“Just Deserts,” A. M. Barrie (Fiyah Issue 23)

The Part You Throw Away, Elizabeth Bear (Sunday Morning Transport)

Sunday in the Park With Hank, Leah Bobet (The Deadlands)

Tyrni, Laura Adrienne Brady (Reckoning)

Billable Hours for the Disputed Rights of the Chosen One, L. Chan (Wyngraf)

Elsewhere, Elsewhen, L. Chan (GigaNotoSaurus)

Miracle Babies, Roshani Chokshi (Strange Horizons)

If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You, John Chu (Uncanny)

“Finding Ways,” Zig Zag Claybourne (Dreams for a Broken World)

“Solidity,” Greg Egan (Asimov’s Sep/Oct)

Have Mercy, My Love, While We Wait for the Thaw, Iori Kusano (Apex)

Rooted, Wen-yi Lee (Reckoning)

We Greet the Solstice, Avra Margariti (Haven Spec)

The Malachite Storm, Devin Miller (Strange Horizons)

Two Beaches, Devil Miller (Haven Spec)

All That Burns Unseen, Premee Mohamed (Slate)

“The Usual Way,” Lina Munroe (Fiyah Issue 23)

Footnotes From “Phosphates, Nitrates, and the Lake A Incident: A Review,” Mari Ness (Reckoning)

Witchbreaker, Leah Ning (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

The Locked Pod, Malka Older (Sunday Morning Transport)

On the Sunlit Side of Venus, Benjamin Parzybok (Apex) (SERIOUS DESPAIR AND SELF-HARM CONTENT WARNING)

Papa Legba Has Entered the Chat, DaVaun Sanders (Fireside)

One More Fairy Tale, Carol Scheina (Cossmass Infinities)

Give This Letter to the Crows, Iona Datt Sharma (The Deadlands)

“Bumblebot,” Marie Vibbert (Analog Sep/Oct)

“Subscription Life,” Marie Vibbert (Dreams for a Broken World)

Demonic Invasion or Placebo Effect?, John Wiswell (Sunday Morning Transport)

DIY, John Wiswell (

“Inheritance,” Hannah Yang (Analog Sep/Oct)

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