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Stories I’ve Enjoyed, First Quarter 2023

As always, feel free to put more stories in the comments; this is by no means exhaustive.

Our Grandmother’s Words, M.H. Ayinde (BCS)

flood fish/pumpkin moon, Grace Cahill (The Deadlands)

Perhaps in Understanding, Anamaria Curtis (Uncanny)

After encountering the grey whales in El Burbujon, Laguna Ojo de Libre, Naila Francis (Reckoning)

“Forever the Forest,” Simone Heller (Life Beyond Us)

“The Five Lazy Sisters,” Kathleen Jennings (F&SF Mar/Apr)

The Big Glass Box and the Boys Inside, Isabel J. Kim (Apex)

A Princess With a Nose Three Ells Long, Malda Marlys (Fantasy)

His Guns Could Not Protect Him, Sam J. Miller (Lightspeed)

“The Far Side of the Door,” Premee Mohamed (Life Beyond Us)

The Spoil Heap, Fiona Moore (Clarkesworld)

Discreet Services Offered for Women Ridden by Hags, Stephanie Malia Morris (BCS)

Somewhere, It’s About to Be Spring, Samantha Murray (Clarkesworld)

Enchanted Mirrors Are Making a Comeback. That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing., Mari Ness (Fantasy)

To Whomsoever Remains, Brandon O’Brien (Uncanny)

“The Dangers We Choose,” Malka Older (Life Beyond Us)

The Changeling and the Child, Pooja Peravali (BCS)

Always and Forever, Only You, Iona Datt Sharma (Strange Horizons)

“Cowboy Ghost Dads Always Break Your Heart,” Stefan Slater (F&SF Jan/Feb)

“Cyclic Amplification, Meaning Family,” Bogi Takacs (Life Beyond Us)

I Should Have Been a Pair of Ragged Claws, Alice Towey (Fantasy)

“Defective,” Peter Watts (Life Beyond Us)

Bad Doors, John Wiswell (Uncanny)

The Father Provincial of Mare Imbrium, E. Lily Yu (Uncanny)

1 thought on “Stories I’ve Enjoyed, First Quarter 2023

  1. Bookmarked. As always, thanks for posting these. I’m sure to like some of them.

    “Magnificent Maurice, or the Flowers of Immortality” by RATI MEHROTRA
    Picked up from my friend Rich Horton’s 2021 Best Of reprint book. 4+ stars from me, cool cat story. But I’m a cat person!

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