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Short stuff I’ve liked, first quarter 2024

Friends, I haven’t been reading much short stuff in the first quarter. I’m going to try to change that! But I figured I’d rather post a short list now than do a truly giant post at the half-year mark. Recommendations welcome in the comments, help me catch up when I’m between projects.

Do Houses Dream of Scraping the Sky?, Jana Bianchi (Uncanny)

For Kristen, Who Would Have Turned 47 Today, Melissa Frederick (The Deadlands)

Evan: A Remainder, Jordan Kurella (Reactor)

Pockets Full of Stones, Jennifer Mace (Uncanny)

Sparsely Populated With Stars, Jennifer Mace (Flash Fiction Online)

Further Examination and Capture of Candle Skulls Associated with the Baba Yaga, Mari Ness (Lightspeed)

“Hagstone,” Sonya Taaffe (Not One of Us, Issue #78)

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