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Finally, the trolls

This one has been in the works for quite some time, and finally it’s here! Kaleidotrope has published my short story “In the Garden of the Ancestors’ Statues.”

I’ve written about trolls before, but never from the troll’s perspective. This also has an amount of goat and rock that satisfies me. As you might expect, really.

2 thoughts on “Finally, the trolls

  1. Are you a fan of RA Lafferty? This could almost (but not quite) be one of his gloomier short-shorts.

    ICYMI: my favorite Lafferty, I think. I grew up nearby (he was from Tulsa), and happen to be part-Cherokee myself.
    “Narrow Valley” (1966)

    1. Coincidentally I have a newly edited volume of his work to read and review in the next month!

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