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Out of various lands

It’s apparently a Double Dell Month, the second I’ve ever had! That is to say, I have stories in both Asimov’s and Analog. I told you about the Asimov’s story when the author copies arrived, but now I have the ones for Analog as well–my story is Out of the Red Lands, and it is available in Analog now!

And if that’s not enough for you, Rich Horton’s Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2021 is out too! It features my BCS story “The Past, Like a River In Flood” but also dozens of stories from friends and colleagues. An embarrassment of riches. Go, read, enjoy!

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Always watch the deleted scenes

I’ve now got the author copies for the current (Sept/Oct 2022) issue of Asimov’s, in which you can find my story “Bonus Footage!” (Available here in print or digital versions.) It’s a travel show in space! It’s a story about sensible Girl Scouts and the adults around them! It’s got a quite happy ending in which no one is eaten by the native flora, you hope!

Watch this space for more about this story….

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I suppose these are large, friendly letters

Don’t panic! At least not about criticism of your fiction. I have a new essay out in Uncanny today, From Panic to Process: What Taking Criticism Actually Means.

This is a bigger topic than one essay could hold, so I have all sorts of further ideas about fans taking gracefully criticism of works they love dearly, organizing and sub-organizing types of critique notes, and more. But this has the beginnings of the “taking criticism” conversation for me.

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Among the best

I’m very pleased to tell you that one of my stories from 2020 (“The Past, Like a River in Flood”) has been chosen by Rich Horton for inclusion in his Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2021 Edition. The table of contents can be seen on Rich’s blog, here.

When I wrote that story, I was thinking about natural disasters I had witnessed, some quite close up, and some institutional failures they’d left in their wake. I didn’t really want a story about institutional failure and its human cost to be quite as timely as it turned out to be, but…I’m glad the story resonated, all the same, and I’m still very proud of it. And so happy to be in a volume with so many other stories I enjoyed, and some that are new to me, some I’ll be glad to discover.

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And that’s final

The good readers of Asimov’s magazine get to vote on their favorite stories, poems, and artwork each year, and you can see the finalists for the Asimov’s Readers’ Award for 2021 here, with links to read the works online.

I mention this not just to be nice but also because my poem, Chalk and Carbon, is one of the finalists in the poem category. So you can read that now! Thanks, dear Asimov’s readers!