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Short work I’ve enjoyed this spring

I make no pretense of getting to everything–please include recommendations in the comments if you like!

“The Voice of a Thousand Years,” Fawaz Al-Matrouk (F&SF May/June)

This Is I, KT Bryski (The Deadlands)

“Breathless in the Green,” Octavia Cade (F&SF May/June)

“The Book of Unwritten Poems,” Curtis Chen (Sunday Morning Transport)

“Whose Spaceship Is It Anyway?”, John Chu (Bridge to Elsewhere)

My Great-Grandmother’s House, Madalena Daleziou (The Deadlands)

Embroidery of a Bird’s Heart, Nelly Geraldine GarcĂ­a-Rosas (Strange Horizons)

Hello, this is Automatic Antigrief: what problem can I solve for you today?, Jenna Hanchey (Nature)

“Give Me English,” Ai Jiang (F&SF May/June)

Advice from the Civil Temporal Defense League, Sandra McDonald (Lightspeed)

A Partial Record of Enchanted Cheeses I’ve Fed My Wife, Devin Miller (PodCastle)

Carcinisation, Ellie Milne-Brown (Reckoning)

“Cumulative Ethical Guidelines for Midrange Interstellar Storytellers,” Malka Older (Bridge to Elsewhere)

Sword and Spore, Domenica Phetteplace (

The Cheesemaker and the Undying King, Lina Rather (Lightspeed)

Arbitrium, Anjali Sachdeva (

“My Family and Other Evolving Animals,” Shuang Chimu (New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction)

“Team Building Exercise,” Valerie Valdes (Bridge to Elsewhere)

Onions, Grace Wagner (Reckoning)

The Coward Who Stole God’s Name, John Wiswell (Uncanny)

“The True Meaning of Father’s Day,” John Wiswell (F&SF May/June)

Too Little, Too Little, Too Much, John Wiswell (Cossmass Infinities)

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