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2022: what I’ve been up to

Yes, it’s time for my year-in-review post! It’s been a year full of discoveries and adventures, sometimes even in the good way. (We try to make it in the good way.) We’ve gotten to the point where poems are not an exception, they’re just a thing I write now and going forward, and that’s weird, but again, we try to make it weird in the good way. I notice a shift toward more science fiction and less fantasy, but that may be balanced out by the fantasy novella I’m revising at the moment. We’ll see. Or it may not, that may just be where my head is right now. That’s okay too.

I’m sorry to see Daily Science Fiction shutting its doors, as they have been a fun and interesting magazine for several years now. I love flash as a length that allows me to experiment and play with form, so less of it–even just one magazine less–is sad for me. On the other hand, I’m happy with the story I wrote that closed out my time with them. I have hopes of continuing to enjoy work with the other editors I worked with this year, and I have seven things already in the works for 2023 and beyond–a lovely feeling of continuity and possibility. Also I accidentally started a new story yesterday. Ope.

Short stories:
The Plasticity of Youth, Clarkesworld, February
An Age-Based Guide to Children’s Chores, Daily SF, March
Family Network, Nature Futures, May
The Splinters of Our Bond, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, May
Michigan Seems Like a Dream to Me Now, Daily SF, September
Out of the Red Lands, Analog, September
Bonus Footage, Asimov’s, September
Merry Christmas from the Bremmers, Nature Futures, December

Revelations of the Artificial Dryads, Not One of Us, January
Identity, Uncanny, September
Dante on the Metro, Mobius, November

From Panic to Process: What Taking Criticism Actually Looks Like, Uncanny, May

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