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In a good cause: CVT

Okay, kids, new ballgame.

I don’t have anything insightful to say about the US presidential debate going on tonight. I’m not even watching. But I’m pretty sure that the things I would have to say would be disgusted, and possibly profane, and also that if you’re going to vote for one of those two candidates and don’t know which one yet, I don’t know what information could possibly convince you.

That’s not what we’re doing here.

I thought about posting a link to a worthy charity every time I get upset about the election, between now and the election. I literally do not have that much time, and also I think it would bring about more upset that wasn’t aimed anywhere positive. So this is aimed. This is directional. You’re mad? Good. Research your down-ballot races and vote. But. Voting is not the end. All the things that are making you upset and sad and angry in the world have causes and effects beyond this election. So once a week I’m going to post a link to a charity taking specific concrete action. Maybe you’ll have time, talents, or money to donate to them. Maybe you’ll pass them on to someone who does. Or maybe your time and energy and funds are all depleted, and…you’ll see some people doing concrete positive things in the world. That can’t hurt.

I’m starting with an old favorite of mine, the Center for the Victims of Torture. I’ve been having trouble with WordPress actually keeping my inserted links when I do them, so I’ll write out the URL: They do worldwide work in supporting, healing, and advocating for the victims of torture–and trying to make sure that no one else ends up in that position. Their headquarters are here in Minnesota, but in the US they also have offices in Washington DC and Atlanta, in addition to working elsewhere in the world. They estimate more than 30,000 torture survivors are living in Minnesota. Thirty thousand. Just in Minnesota. That’s more people than live in Fridley or Winona or White Bear. That’s like if all of the population of St. Peter and all of the population of Northfield had been tortured, all of them, every person in both of those college towns of any age or gender. Some of those people are trying to deal with parenting and eldercare and learning a new language and new customs, while recovering from that kind of heinous treatment from their fellow humans. And this group is on it. They are there to help.

More in this vein next week. Meanwhile, I know you’re doing what you can. We all are. Hang in there.

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