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Favorite stories, first quarter 2021

Wait, am I doing story recommendations in an organized fashion, aligned with the calendar and stuff? Eh. When it’s convenient, sure, I guess. It’s still mostly “I’ve accumulated a bunch of links on my to-do list and would like to clean them out again,” but let’s pretend it’s an End Of Q1 thing, it makes me feel accomplished. I’m actually behind where I would usually expect to be on reading periodicals, but there’s always time to catch up. Or not, the world is vast and beautiful. And, this time, full of poetry.

Trojan Road, Leah Bobet (Plenitude)

Salvage Song, Julia Da Silva (Reckoning)

Fractured, Aimee Kuzenski (Translunar Travelers Lounge_

Birds Are Trying to Reinvent Your Heart, Jennifer Mace (Baffling)

From the Embassy of Leaks to the Court of Cracks, Catherine Rockwood (Reckoning)

We Are Not Phoenixes, John Wiswell (Fireside)

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