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Home and House

I am home from Montreal and digging out from under the mountain of things that will pile up when you take a vacation. It was lovely, it was grand, and now it is lovely and grand to be home. And oh, so much stuff. So much stuff. Presents to wrap, more presents to buy and wrap. Stories to revise, more stories to write. The laundry is starting to feel a bit under control, although I know that this is an illusion, as the laundry hamper is almost full again. There are several things that want cooking, and more that want backing, and…well, most of you know what day it is, Saturday.

While I’m doing all this stuff, the magic of publishing brings you things I worked on much earlier. I have a new story up on BCS today, A House of Gold and Steel. Go, read, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Home and House

  1. Re: “House of Gold and Steel”–how are you so skilled at creating characters, setting, culture, AND plot within the scope of a few thousand words? Reading your short stories is like looking at exquisitely painted miniatures or pocket-sized woodcuts that somehow contain an entire world. I know I sound overly effusive, but honestly and truly, I’m continually astonished by how talented you are!

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