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Goats and Solace

Two new things of mine for you to read today!

First up is a brand-new short story from the Decameron Project, Loosestrife. It’s got genetically engineered goats in it, and nobody is worried that a virus will kill anyone they love. We have enough of that right now. We need some goats. I wanted it to stand alone, but I fear there will be more of these goats coming. Again, this is absolutely free to everybody. If you feel like supporting the Decameron Project and are able, please do so, but we wanted these stories to be publicly available regardless of ability to pay.

Next is the first entry in a project Reckoning Magazine is doing, The Solace of Connection. The publisher of Reckoning sent past contributors questions about our creative process in the face of this global event, inviting us to share our responses with Reckoning readers, so here’s mine.

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